VUE Test Render

made this scene in vue & render with maya mentalray . . . hope you like it
© WildChild Studios

GoldenNest 3D Interior Work

Some interior rendering work of 'GoldenNest' project
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3D Diamond Ring Render

Hi friends, i download this model from the net... just doing some lighting & rendering practice...

Natural History CgSociety Challenge

hi friends... i have done some lighting experiments in this scene...
scene is from cgSociety Lighting Challenge... hope you like it.

This scene was modeled by Alvaro Luna Bautista (who did all the architecture and displays and everything except the dinosaurs), and Joel Andersdon (who made the dinosaur skeletons.)

Dream Mountains

Hi friends,
A place called 'saputara', its in india, full of trees and mountains, i try to create this scene with full of fog in Vue. post work is done in photoshop.hope you like it.

© Copyright by 2008-09


hi friends 
made this face of batman just for practicing in zbrush. base mesh is done in maya, c&c are most welcome.

Thakur Ka Intakam

hi friends,
i made this 'Daku Gabbar singh' just for fun,
basemesh & rendering is done in maya, sculpt & texture is done in zbrush. final composition is done in photoshop.
hope you like it.

Some passes of work in progress.